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    What is Mixxbosses?



    Mixxbosses worldwide is an international network of club DJS, Radio DJS, artists and promoters supporting the Mixxbosses movement of keeping real music and turntablism alive.

    Want to be part of the Mixxbosses Worldwide team?

    In 2008 Australia's premiere female turntablist DJ D founded Mixxbosses Australia, a crew of DJs & MCs working towards keeping the art of turntablism alive. Mixxbosses DE (Germany) & Mixxbosses NZ (New Zealand) was founded in 2011, with Mixxbosses MZ (Malaysia) & Mixxbosses UK (United Kingdom) founded in 2012 & Mixxbosses PH (Phillippines). Middle East, and a number of other countries around the globe on the way.

    To support this movement, a number of radio shows go to air weekly around the globe. Tune in online at for the full scoop! Similarly, Mixxbosses TV has been founded in respective cities with Mixxbosses Germany being one of the first founded. You can check out some of our videos on the TV page of this website.

    Both Mixxbosses TV & Radio have provided a platform for both signed and unsigned artists, with names such as Savage, Horace Brown, MC Lyte, Chingy, Ryan Leslie, Honorebel, Danny Boy and SkeeLo having appeared on Mixxbosses affiliated radio shows.

    If you would like to get involved in the Mixxbosses movement we would love to hear from you! Feel free to message us via the contact page and we'll see what we can do.

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    TUNE-IN 24/7

    new contents for your ears daily

    To support the worldwide Mixxbosses movement, a number of radio shows go to air weekly around the globe. Reminiscent of DJ D’s 2001 online radio show 1200 Degrees, Mixxbosses Radio Australia was relaunched in 2009. DJ Liche’s Soul D’lite (AUS), DJ Nasser T’s Mint Condition Radio (AUS), Jay Fresh’s Urban Fire (UK), Bob Mitchells Mixxbosses Radio Germany (DE), DJ Monski’s #NotYourAverageRadio (USA) and Brett Costello’s Urban Meltdown are other notable Mixxbosses affiliated shows.Tune in online at  Mixxbosses Radio Australia streams LIVE online worldwide on Wednesday nights 7-9pm AEST on



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    with the latest press

    Let Mixxbosses from around the globe keep you up to date with the latest of what's going down in their areas. Featuring direct feeds from Mixxbosses such as Australia’s DJ Liche tackling updates in the world of soul, plus DJ Jessie James from Sydney Autralia, these ladies, as well as other Mixxbosses will keep you well informed in their respective areas of the music scene.Be sure to check in to stay up to date and let us know if you have updates you would like to get featured, more news is good news!


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    with our latest events

    With Mixxbosses holding it down around the globe, our events section is a space dedicated to upcoming events within Mixxbosses affiliated areas. Be sure to select your respective areas and then browse what is happening in that region.

    If you are a DJ, artist, producers or promoter and you have an upcoming event you would like featured on simply contact us via the contact page on this site and we will get you featured!